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Comprehensive Cancer Center

CCC Vienna beim Krebsforschungslauf 2023 ©MedUni Wien/ Ing Robert Harson

CCC leadership, members and supporters at the 2023 Cancer Research Run

Defeating cancer together

The Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) Vienna of the Medical University Vienna and the University Hospital Vienna networks all the professional groups of these two institutions that treat cancer patients, research cancer diseases and are active in teaching and training in this field.

The work is done in the triple track of clinical, research & teaching.

24. May 2024

Diagnosed with cancer? The Cancer School imparts knowledge.

Learn more about cancer once a month and meet the experts in person. "What can I do against cancer myself?" is the motto on April 9, 2024 at 5 pm.
23. May 2024

Opening of the CD laboratory for image- and cognition-based precision radiotherapy, May 23, 2024, 2:00 p.m.

Radiation oncology/radiation therapy is a central cornerstone of modern personalized cancer therapy. Individualized and evidence-based treatment…
21. May 2024

Cancer Update CCC Vienna: Neuroendocrine Tumors (NET) and Thyroid Carcinomas

Monthly training series on state-of-the-art cancer medicine: Neuroendocrine tumors (NET) and thyroid carcinomas are on the program on May 21, 2024 at…
06. May 2024

Ependymoma Awareness Day: Butterflies give hope

Ependymoma, a rare but aggressive brain tumor, is being highlighted around the world on Ependymoma Awareness Day on May 5. Aggressive forms occur…
Clinical Practical Year (KPJ)

Clinical Practical Year (KPJ)

The Comprehensive Cancer Center Vienna offers training in "Interdisciplinary Oncology" as part of the third tertial of the Clinical Practical Year. Prerequisite for application is proof that at least one of the other two tertials (Tertial A or Tertial B) has already been completed. Clinical Practical Year (KPJ)


To register for the KPJ-Tertial C "Interdisciplinary Oncology", please email Registration
Cancer knowledge for everyone

Cancer knowledge for everyone

From October 3, 2023, the Cancer School CCC Vienna started as a hybrid event.

Specifically, the Cancer School CCC Vienna is aimed at:
- Affected
- relatives
- Patient representatives
- Persons who are professionally involved with cancer
Cancer School CCC Vienna


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