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Vienna Pediatric Brain Tumor Symposium with patient conference for the first time

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From 18 to 20 April 2024, the Medical University of Vienna and Vienna General Hospital will focus on brain tumors in children at the "3rd Vienna Pediatric Brain Tumor Symposium". Under the motto "Translating Science to Patient Benefit", the latest scientific findings will be presented with the aim of improving the lives of patients and survivors in the long term. Health and Social Affairs Minister Johannes Rauch will open the Patient:innen conference at the symposium, which is taking place for the first time.

There will be a special focus on involving patients and their organizations, such as the Austrian Children's Cancer Aid with Florian Schwarz, the NF Kinder association with Claas Röhl, Survivors Austria with Hannah Gsell and Childhood Cancer International Europe & The Alliance of Oncological Patient Organizations with Anita Kienesberger. For the first time, a patient conference will be held with the aim of building networks and creating synergies. At least 70 participants, including parents and patients from all over Austria, are expected to attend.
Federal Minister for Social Affairs and Health, Johannes Rauch, opened the first Patient Conference on Friday afternoon: "As a former cancer patient, I know what it means to fight this terrible disease with all your might. But I can only imagine how it feels when your own child falls ill and the terrible pain when you fall ill yourself at a young age. This makes it all the more important that affected families receive the best possible care and comprehensive support. A patient conference was also held for the first time at the third symposium on brain tumors in children. Patients, parents, survivors, doctors and researchers came together to share their expertise and strengthen each other. My message: You are not alone! Don't give up hope. We help where we can!"bodensEE410!


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